Hi I'm Kristina Webb.
Just a teenager from New Zealand with a dream to inspire people . I only post my own drawings and photo's on here :) hope you like them!

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Doodling :)
Pink Skies
This is my Disney princesses/queen selfie drawing Decided to make Merida photobomb them all ..Also put a little bit of a modern twist on their outfits Hope you guys like it, sorry I haven’t posted in so long on here!
Tyler Oakley drawing I did :)
Favourite flowers 
fav rings 
New colourful drawing I did!
'The fault in our stars' drawing I did 
Missing you :’(
Peacock feather drawing
'You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.'
The work in progress of my ‘The fault in our stars drawing’
Home <3
Disney hairstyles drawing!